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Frequently Asked Questions

It is always ideal that the person who will use the equipment in question is present during the purchase of it. This allows us to better assess the needs of the user, and to adjust the equipment to its size.

However, we understand that moving a person with reduced mobility can be difficult. In the case of the purchase of a mobility aid, it is essential to know the size and weight of the user. For other equipment, the list of necessary information may lengthen. We invite you to contact our team before your visit to the store, if applicable.

Some hygiene products, such as orthopedic pillows, cushions and mattresses, or bathroom fitting devices are non-refundable. For the purchase of this type of item, it is even more preferable that the user is present to choose the equipment that best suits his needs, under the guidance of a member of our team who can evaluate with him his condition.

We accept all payments by cash, check, debit card, Visa or MasterCard.

When making a home delivery, payment can be made by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Our business focuses on the sale of new equipment, supported by a warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Occasionally, a used electric vehicle may be offered for sale. The warranties that cover the vehicle for its various components are then different from those of a new aircraft.

We take this opportunity to mention that, contrary to popular belief, adapted equipment is offered at very affordable prices. It is possible to find a device that meets your needs very well, without spending exorbitant amounts.

However, if your need is temporary, we offer you to take advantage of our rental service.

We offer the delivery service. The assignment of particular areas to certain days of the week allows us to offer you a fast service.

We also offer electric bed moving service, with removal and reinstallation.

In addition, we offer the home equipment recovery service, in the case of a repair.

We invite you to contact our team to know our different rates according to your needs.

We offer rental service, without prior deposit, on a wide variety of mobility and home support products. We invite you to contact our team to find out our rental rates, our lease renewal terms, and our transportation costs for the delivery and retrieval of equipment, if necessary.

This is incorrect. Although many products sold in our store are exempt, ie completely tax-free, such as mobility aids, or bathroom fixtures, others are not tax-exempt. That self-lifting chairs are only zero-rated on presentation of a medical prescription.

Certain other products, such as dressing aid products or life support products, remain taxable.

For more information, we invite you to consult the government portal on zero-rated and exempt products and services.

Each insurance company has its own coverage conditions. We invite you to contact your insurance broker to find out more about their policies.

We can, however, provide you with an official quote that you can give to your insurance company to see if it covers, partially or in full, the purchase of suitable equipment.

The invoices we give each transaction are detailed enough to be recorded in your next tax return, and most of the equipment we distribute can, in fact, be deducted. The annexation of a medical prescription to your tax return always facilitates the deduction of such purchases.

We invite you to contact the person responsible for processing your tax return to find out what amounts are deductible for your personal condition.

Yes, we offer repair service at our workshop located at our premises, 275, boul. Curé-Poirier Ouest, in Longueuil, by appointment, for all the devices we support.

Some devices purchased from other businesses have a mechanical, or an electronic system that differs from the devices we distribute. Since we do not have access to parts from our suppliers to repair these devices, we prefer not to commit to repairing a device that we do not support.

We will do our best to refer you to a business that supports your device, if any. Ask our team if your device is supported by Adapted Equipment MCL Inc.

We ask all our customers to make an appointment with our repair service for any maintenance or maintenance on their devices. This allows us to continue to provide a fast and comprehensive service to each of our customers, by processing the files in their order of arrival.

Some minor repairs take very little time to complete. By making an appointment with our service, you will make sure to have a technician at your disposal when you go to the store.

We try to offer you an appointment as quickly as possible, at your convenience, within five business days of your call. An estimate will then be given to you, as well as the time required for the repair of the device, which may vary depending on the work to be done, and the parts to be ordered, when applicable.

The opening hours of the repair shop are, from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., by appointment.

Our delivery team is trained to offer you a minor home repair service. When making your request, it is essential to provide the following information:

  • The make and model of your device

  • The serial number of your device

  • The nature of the break on your device

In the case of major repairs, it will be necessary for our delivery team to pick up your machine so repairs can be done in the workshop.

If the information provided was insufficient to diagnose your device's trouble, it will be retrieved so that our technician can proceed with its evaluation.

Given the volume of certain devices, such as electric beds and self-lifting chairs, we will, as far as possible, perform home repairs for these few specific items. It remains essential to provide the required information when you apply, to enable us to provide you with optimal service. More than one visit may be necessary, in case we need to order some parts from our supplier.

Ask our team about home repair costs and equipment transportation fees.