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Why is reading useful?
October 05, 2019

Reading : a natural remedy

Reading, an activity that might seem banal, but that brings many benefits to both the body and mind. By escaping through the written word, we can discover an infinity of universes that can bring us everyday to new adventures.

Beyond the simple entertainement value of a good novel, reading stimulates the developpement of cognitive faculties. The brain, governing organ that it is, needs regular training like any other part of the body. The better trained it is, the stronger it becomes. It is proven that with proper mental stimulation, the progress of dementia and Alzheimer's desease can be delayed. And there is more !

Reading also trains memory in general. All along the story, your brain needs to store information so that you can follow the goings-on of the narrative. Therefore, reading trains concentration and memory retention. By really diving into a good book, you train these faculties that would stay passive by simply watching mindless content on your television.

Furthermore, for those struggling to sleep, reading can provide a healthier alternative than sleeping pills, as it relaxes the body in much the same way as medication can do. 

Read. fine, but what?

Be it an adventure novel or a travel journal, a philosophical essay or a murder mystery, a biography or a novella, dive into whatever strikes your fancy.

Go to your local library and perouse its aisles. The myriad titles are bound to have at least one interesting title. If you still can't find anything interesting in your local library, take a ride to the Bibliothèque Raymond-Lévesque in St-Hubert. With its two stories of books, the youth section near the entrance and the political section on the second level, you doubtlessly find something that will fascinate you as you walk in the surrounding park.

For those new to the hobby, here is a small list of some titles that might interest you.


ROBINSON, Kim Stanley, Aurora

ASIMOV, Isaac, Foundation

COLLECTIF, Contes et légendes du Québec

VONNEGUT, KurtCat's Cradle

BROWN, Dan, The DaVinci Code

MELVILLE, Herman Moby Dick


For those already passionate readers, I strongly recommend you go to the Librairie Alire, my favorite destination to endulge my reading hobby. This little book store has a wide array of titles, and its staff is friendly and well-read. Take the time to learn about the Club Alire ; this will give you access to discounts. Thanks to them, I managed to buy a copy of Critique of Pure Reason by Emmanuel Kant for the very low price of thirty-seven cents. At 856 pages, it's price by the page is pretty low !