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How to prevent falling this winter?
October 08, 2019

Winter is finally here with it’s great white coat gradually covering everything in sight. While the trees, leafless, shiver in the cold, commuters honk away their melodies upon the Jacques-Cartier bridge. We repeatedly remind drivers to be careful on the winterly roads, but what about pedestrians, holding snuggly to their coats and pulling on their hats? 

The sidewalks, covered by an immaculate sheet of snow, can often hide ice sheets. These treacherous traps wait only the careless passers-by. One can prevent against the dangers of such seasonal foes.


Safety soles for sturdy standing!

Skating is fun, but only if you’re wearing skates. As in anything, the right tool for the right job is a necessity. If you intend to walk outdoors during winter, many tools are available to prevent you from become an impromptu figure skater.  

Since cars have winter tires, why not have pedestrians wear winter soles? Icer’s has created just that. Their safety soles can be worn with any winter boot. It’s sturdy straps will tie the soles to your boots, and their cleats bring you the sure-footing you need. Find the right size for you here ! 

An icepick for a four-season cane

While some already use a cane to assist them to walk during the warmer seasons, it can be worrying to use it on icy sidewalks. How can you stabilize it better during the winter season? You don’t need to change your cane for a new one with intergrated ice pic, we can add an icepick on it.


While you have already spent some time to find and purchase the right cane for you, you might just not have pick one with an integrated icepick. You don’t need to buy a new one, just for the outdoors. Come by MCL and have an icepick attachment installed upon your trusted cane. These icepicks can be flipped up and down, meaning you can safely use them both outdoors and indoors. Or get the Activator rehab poles and go on safer winter walks and hikes!


How to get out of a car?

During the colder seasons, many prefer the comfort and warmth of their cars to a chilly walk outside. However, getting safely in and out of your car can sometimes be arduous. 

For a sturdy grip to ease entry and exiting of a car, use a Handy Bar. Such a bar will give you a sturdy handle so that you can plant both your feet safely before standing up. Easily inserted inside the U-shaped door striker latch, this bar holds up to 500 lbs. 

The Handy Bar can be combined with a swivel cushion to further facilitate your entry and exiting of your car. The cushion swivels under the user, easing the turn and reducing the strain on the hips and lower-back. 


This winter, please be careful. Many tools are available to help you prevent nasty falls and facilitate your mobility. Don’t wait for a regrettable incident to sour your winter. Contact us at Équipements Adaptés MCL Inc. So that we can answer all your question with regards to your safety this winter. 

Have a great and safe winter!

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