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How to prepare your scooter for the winter?
October 09, 2019

Can a mobility scooter be used during winter?

It is best to avoid doing so. Mobility scooters aren’t designed to be used during the winter season. While no laws prohibit their use, mobility scooters should be thought of as bicycles; since their tires don’t grip well to icy roads, it is easy to become bogged down.  

A mobility scooter is not a car! Without a heating system, the glacial Canadian winds will no doubt freeze you. It is best to stay safe and warm. 

Note : Some people need to use their mobility scooter all year long due to their particular condition. In that case, we recommend you take an appointment with our repair workshop here at Équipements Adaptés MCL Inc. for a preventive lubrication and battery check-up. You wouldn’t want a malfunction while driving through snowbanks! 


How to prepare a mobility scooter for storage?

It is recommended to perform a general maintenance of your mobility scooter before putting it to storage. You can take an appointment with our workshop here at MCL. You can have us lubricate the wheel axles of your scooter in order to prevent rust accumulation. 

A battery check-up will also tell you if and when your batteries are due to be changed this spring, or if they can be kept for another year. Plan 48h for a complete charge test of both batteries of your mobility scooter. 

How often do the batteries need to be charged?

During regular use, it is recommended to charge the batteries after every day of riding. That way, the batteries never fall to low in their charge and you protect their durability, while guaranteeing a full charge for the next day’s sortie.  

In storage, the vehicle has to be charged every two weeks, whether it has been used or not. Even inactive, the electric charge of your batteries leaks within the internal connections of your mobility scooter. It is important that your batteries never become completely discharged. Recharging your vehicle every two weeks, you maintain a minimal quantity of electricity within your batteries, providing them a greater useful life. 


Can I leave my mobility scooter plugged on its charger all winter?

No. Your charger is a smart charger, meaning it will stop the electric current sent to your vehicle’s batteries once they become fully charged. At this point, it won't restart on its own. You should instead go to your mobility scooter once every two weeks to plug in your charger for a full night’s charge. 

Do I have to charge the batteries I removed from my mobility scooter? 

If the batteries are fully charged before removing them, it isn’t necessary to recharge them afterwards. The batteries need to be stored in a dry and temperate place, and not directly on cement. It is usually simpler and better to leave the batteries in the scooter and charge them regularly. 


Where to store your mobility scooter?

You can store your mobility scooter in a shed or a garage during winter. Make sure you have an easy way to charge your batteries regularly. It is not recommended to store your mobility scooter outdoors; the electronic components could be damaged by the cold and humidity of our harsh winters. 

If you don’t have a secure and safe place for your mobility scooter, you can always check to lease a storage unit from one of the many companies out there. That way, you could store and maintain your scooter in a secure and dry space all through the winter.