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How to choose the right incontinence product?
October 08, 2019

Why shop at aspecialized store for incontinence products?

We are all rushed by our busy schedules and as such, time is precious. It seems easy to stop at a pharmacy or a wholesale store to buy products in great quantities. But is it really better than to shop at a specialized store ? Of course not.  

Confronted by a multitude of differing products, without knowing the subtle particularities of each, it is easy to get lost in all the possibilities. As such, we buy haphazardly, trying randomly products until we find the right product, or give up and stick with the one “close enough”. All these tryouts eventually tally up to a substantial sum, and considerable discomforts. Specialized stores such as Équipements Adaptés MCL Inc. have trained personnel that can provide answers to your questions and custom solutions to your particular needs. 

Urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence?

Depending on the type of incontinence, the right choice of product may vary. The absorbency required for severe fecal incontinence will be greater than that of moderate urinary incontinence, for example.  

The time of day when it is needed will also change which product to choose. Some are designed to provide protection during the day, others are specifically made to be used when sleeping. Often, one type cannot be used interchangeably with the other. At least not without incident. 


"I usually buy the standard ones!"

There is simply no “standard” with regards to specialized equipment, even less so with incontinence products. Each case is unique, and beyond the type and required absorption rate, we have to consider the right size for the user. 

Be it for pads, pull-ups or side-fastened underwear, we have to measure the circumference of the stomach – not at the waist, but starting at the navel – to find the right size for adequate and comfortable fitting. 

Too large a product will cause leaks, but that is also true for products too small for the wearer! In these cases, the protective areas are in the wrong places to adequately provide protection. Refer to your specialist here at MCL. 

Incontinence underwear : Pull-ups, side-fastened or aborption pads ?

It is important to consider the right category of products with regards to our particular condition. In cases of functional incontinence, when the user cannot reach the toilet in time, we usually recommend absorption pads. This also applies to stress incontinence.  

In cases of bladder or bowel leakage, during both day and nighttime, consider product with greater absorption. During the day, pull-up underwear are usually ideal. For the night, side-fastened briefs are best, either with stretchable sides for those who sometimes go to the toilet, or with fixed sides for those who don’t wake during the night.  

Each particular condition requires a particular incontinence product. We recommend you consult with our specialists here at MCL to find the right solution for your needs. 


The MCL touch

Even with our pointers in this article, finding the right incontinence product for you can be an arduous task. Tryouts can be cumbersome and difficult, not to say expensive after a while. This is why, here at MCL, we will provide you with samples, so you can easily try out the products at home.  

By knowingly select for the right product for you, and by trying it in an easy and handy fashion, you can make the right choice to ease your life of the problems caused by incontinence.  

At each and every step of your changing condition, your MCL specialist will be at your disposal to answer any and all questions, provide documentation, to assist you and your loved ones to bring you solutions, comfort and dignity you deserve. 

Incontinence is a widespread and easily managed with the help of the adequate tools. Come and meet our specialists today and receive the right advice for you.