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Freedom through adapted equipment
October 01, 2019

The human body is a frail vehicule. All along our life we accumulate stress, light or not-so-light injuries, bad life habits that slowly but steadily strain our precious body. After some years, this accumulated usage props up new needs and difficulties that were so far unseen. 

Specialized equipments is a vast and rich field. Plenty of products have been designed specifically to ease the life of those afflicted with mobility, or even cognitive, loss.  

Why should I use specialized equipments?

It is actually pretty rare that we seek such tools without needing them. Often, a physical or cognitive limitation brings forth the need for such equipmentsBut it is not weakness. The process of discovering new struggles is a perfectly natural one. Specialized equipments are made to assist people struggling to maintain their autonomy in their every day life. They help use with things as simple as writing a note, eating, washing and dressing, all in a safe, dignified and autonomous way.

How can I find out if a specialized equipment is suited to my needs?

Many public services, such as the CLSC, can provide consultations with physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Furthermore, by simply discussing the situation with your physician, you can find the right information with regards to these services. 

In the private sector, health specialists of all kinds, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more, can be found. These services can be easily found online, or referred directly by the CLSC.

Of course, we can help you with regards to the equipements themselves. Our sypathetic and well-trained team can provide you with all kinds of information. It is always our pleasure to explore the possibilites specialized equipements might bring you, and answer any and all questions you might have.

Can I afford to purchase specialized equipments?

The price range of specialized equipements is extremely wide, but quality products are affordable for reasonable prices. Of course, we aim to help you find the right item to fill your needs, including the right price range, but keep in mind high price and high quality don't always go hand in hand. 

If your financial situation is precarious, but the acquisition of a particular equipement is essential to you, consider looking with your CLSC, as many governement programs are there to assist those with particular needs. You might just be eligible to some such aid.

One of my relatives needs to use a specialized equipment, but refuses to do so. What can I do ?

Some individuals struggle to accept the condition that requires specialized equipments. We must be patient and accept their choice. By pushing them to strongly, they might rebuke even stronger the idea that they need it. We invite you, if your relative accepts, to come by our store simply to perouse the items we have. With the help of our team, that can show how handy most products we offer are, you might just convince them to accept to ease their struggles.

Équipements Adaptés MCL has the mission to find the right tools for your specific condition, so that you can maintain your mobility, comfort and liberty, all the while bringing you and your relatives a better quality of life.