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Achieve comfort beyond the taboo
October 02, 2019

It is never easy to fully understand the everyday challenges of those suffering a loss of autonomy. So many small tasks and activities can seem naturally easy to execute, but can represent monumental efforts for some. Furthermore, their struggles often aren't limited to their autonomy, as uncontrolable physical limitations can seem unsurmountable.

This article covers a specific confition too often avoided. We skirt around the subject, murmur about its symptoms, and generally avoid speaking of it, be it by shame, discomfort or simple malaise. I will speak of incontinence. As many solutions exist for such a condition, but those afflicted may need help from their close-ones.

By default, it is made into a taboo. We speak of it in hushed tones, almost in shame, as if not speaking about it whisks it away. Needless to say, it isn't an effective method.

Firstly, let's break a misconception.

Incontinence is not linked to age.

Even if incontinence is often present for women aged 60 and older, age isn't a causing factor. Other factors, themselves caused by age, such as menopose for women and prostate hypertrophy for men, can contribute to the developpement of incontinence. Nevertheless, almost every case can be treated, and in some cases even cured.

Before moving on with the informative details of this article, please remember that it does in no way replace the advice of your health specialist. As this article adresses incontinence in general terms, the best way to treat your particular needs will be provided by the expertise of your physician.

What are the prime causes of incontience ?

Incontinence is caused by a disfunction of the bladder and the muscles of the pelvic floor, either by muscular, nervous or other physical causes.

Are there many types of incontience ?


Stress incontinence

These are the urinary leaks caused by coughs, laughter or other physical efforts. In this case, the muscles aren't strong enough to keep the urine inside the bladder.

Urge incontinence

It can be felt as a sudden need to urinate. Often it is too sudden to reach the toilet in time. It is caused by an irritation or hyperactivity of the bladder. The dysfuntion can be nervous, as normal signals aren't transmitted adequately between the bladder and the brain.

Mixted incontinence 

It is the combination of stress incontinence and urge incontinence.

Funtionnal incontinence

Sometimes, the physical conditions of a person lead to a loss of mobility. Such a limitation can cause a slowing of movements which prevents one from reaching the toilet in time. This situation leads to functionnal incontinence.

Nocturnal incontinence

It is the incapacity to control one's bladder during the night.

What can I do to manage my own incontinence ?

By performing Kegel exercises, you will reinforce your pelvic floor and therefore reduce the consequences of stress incontinence. By urinating often - some keep a journal of their urinations, for personal information but also to provide data to a health specialist - and training yourself to hold your urine for longer periods of time, the bladder strengthens itslef which reduces the symptoms of stress incontinence.

In your every-day life, you can try reducing diuretic foods and drinks, such as coffee, alcohol or tea, to reduce the need to urinate. Make sure to stay adequately hydrated by ingesting a sufficient amount of liquids throughout the day, but you might way to limit your liquid intake two to three hours before bedtime.

When urinating, try to completely empty your bladder, which reduces the risk and volume of involutary leaks.

But I've tried everything, and my incontinence is constant. What else can I do?

Many products are available to assist you in your dealings with incontinence. Absorption pads (Which are not the same as sanitary napkins, which do not absorb a great enough quantity !) and briefs can provide you adequate support. Do note that these products have no curative value, but they can bring comfort, safety and freedom to live your life.

Incontience brings concerns that are too often neglected by those trying to help. Even though it is a medical condition that has obvious physical sympotms, many psychological consequences also arise. The loss of bladder control can cause among many the feeling of a loss of dignity that needs to be adressed with the same diligence as the physical manifestations of incontinence.

I'm afraid to leave the house, since incontience might strike as I visit my friends and family.

All the while training yourself with the exercises mentionned earlier in the intimacy of your home, it is possible to use protective products such as pads or briefs when you leave your house. They might just provide you with the tranquility of mind neede to enjoy your activities.

I don't want my friends and relatives to know about my condition. I fear the briefs will show.

Your medical condition is your perivate business. You have the right not to divulge it. There are many incontinence briefs, of many shapes and sizes, of which one might just be the discreet solution you are loking for. In many cases, a simple absorption pad is plenty of protection for daytime incontinence, both for men and women.

When I suffer a leak, a strong odour appears. I don't want it to show in public.

Incontinence products provide a surprisingly strong protection against foul odours. With the right product for you, you'll be able to control these odours.

My incontinence bothers me greatly. I don't want to talk to anyone about it. Could I find the right solution by myself ?

By reading reliable articles, it is possible to find the right product for your condition. Nevertheless, it is always better to ask for the expertise of an expert, who is well documented on the different types of incontience and the different solution to it. As getting a appointment with a physician can be a long and complex procedure, we would like to invite you to Équipements Adaptés MCL Inc., where we can help you. For a quick, compassionnate and professionnal consultation, simply come by our store where we will take the time to inform you of the many possible solutions to your affliction. We also have a free sample program for those starting out. That way you can try the different products without spending a fortune.

We have your comfort and dignity at heart.