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October 30, 2023
The Manufacturer's Warranty: Your Peace of Mind When you invest in a new lift chair, one of the key advantages is the manufacturer's warranty. This means that the manufacturer commits t (...)
Buying a new hospital-style bed for your home can be a burden, especially in this current economic climate. For many, the world of hand-me-downs and pre-owned equipment remains the sound (...)
The field of orthopedics can seem complicated and intimidating when uninitiated. For unusual or specific cases, there are orthopedic specialists out there that can offer tailor made so (...)
What is more comforting than the feeling peace and security inspired by the safety of our home? Unfortunately, many have to face difficulties and conditions that make th (...)
Living with an ostomy condition is a challenge in and of itself. So why complicate things with the wrong ostomy system and supplies? Of course, the best person to determine what kind o (...)
A power lift recliner is usually recommended for elderly people who have trouble getting up or sitting down. But are there are other types of chairs suitable for other situations? Well (...)
  A good restorative sleep is important for your health. Unfortunately, many medical conditions may hinder the quality of your sleep, such as muscular or skeletal illnesses. In such ca (...)
Many health conditions can cause the need to use a catheter on a daily basis. Depending on your particular medical needs, the type of catheter, and the context in which you will have t (...)
Every body is unique. As such, there are a myriad of sizes and fittings of bras. Finding the right one for you can become a struggle and result in many discomforting tryouts. Furthermo (...)
Hip and knee surgeries are simultaneously a source of hope and anxiety. On one hand, we hope they will cure our chronic pains and bring our mobility back. On the other hand, rehabilita (...)
Of all the rooms in a house, the bathroom is easily the most dangerous for everyday life. The springiest of youths risk serious injuries in the event of a nasty fall in the shower or (...)
May 13, 2022
What could be more pleasant than a stroll in the park ? With the warm sun on your skin, a cool breeze through your hair, one can admire the scenery and enjoy the fresh air. But as tim (...)