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Hip and knee surgeries are simultaneously a source of hope and anxiety. On one hand, we hope they will cure our chronic pains and bring our mobility back. On the other hand, rehabilita (...)
Of all the rooms in a house, the bathroom is easily the most dangerous for everyday life. The springiest of youths risk serious injuries in the event of a nasty fall in the shower or (...)
May 13, 2022
What could be more pleasant than a stroll in the park ? With the warm sun on your skin, a cool breeze through your hair, one can admire the scenery and enjoy the fresh air. But as tim (...)
With spring around the corner, it's time to start considering leaving your winterly cocoon and enjoy the warm sun and fresh air. It's an unfortunate reality that some people suffer fro (...)
At the heart of your living room, the right chair can provide you with great comfort while watching television, or better yet, while reading a good book. But if you struggle to get in an (...)
 What should you look for when buying a used mobility scooter ?    Buying a brand new mobility scooter can seem to expensive for a retired person. Buying a used one might be more (...)
Can a mobility scooter be used during winter? It is best to avoid doing so. Mobility scooters aren’t designed to be used during the winter season. While no laws prohibit their use, (...)
Rollator or walker? Let's start by distinguishing the language around walking aids. "Wheeled walkers", "rollators with seat", "foldable walking aid", etc. There is a long list of terms (...)
Winter is finally here with it’s great white coat gradually covering everything in sight. While the trees, leafless, shiver in the cold, commuters honk away their melodies upon the (...)
Why shop at aspecialized store for incontinence products? We are all rushed by our busy schedules and as such, time is precious. It seems easy to stop at a pharmacy or a wholesale stor (...)
October 05, 2019
Reading : a natural remedy Reading, an activity that might seem banal, but that brings many benefits to both the body and mind. By escaping through the written word, we can discover an (...)
As is well known, eating habits and daily exercises have a direct impact on our health. With healthy life habits, the results appear quickly and encourages us to keep up our efforts in t (...)